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My name is Patrick Hartwell, this is my first year attending NCSU's nuclear engineering program. I'm often asked why nuclear engineering when I state my major. It seems pretty straight forward that you should try to develop in the direction you see the most potential in, and nuclear engineering is certainly the field with the greatest potential. Ranging from a feasibly powering humanity for thousands of years, to providing a feasible interplanetary propulsion system it seems ripe for exploration. Given that much potential, I fail to understand why so few persue it.

With the potential I've said about I'd like to think my dream job would be obvious, but most people seem to think different things are obvious. I'd like to create patents, I have ideas including a nuclear power system for small aircraft, and another for an automated nuclear mining and refining aparatus that could reduce the cost and scarcity of most minerals and metals. To sum it up, I want to have a hand in creating the future, that would be my dream job.

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These Are a Few of my Favorite Classes:

  1. MAE 201 Engineering Thermodynamics
  2. MAE 206 Engineering Statics
  3. EC 201 Principles of Microeconomics
  4. CNR 250 Diversity and Environmental Justice
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