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Hey! My name is Pranav Thacker and I am currently a freshmen at NC State University. My intended major is B.S. Chemical Engineering. Imagine a world without potable water, petrol and other fuels, plastics, antibiotics, electric generation from fossil and non-fossil fuels, fertilizers and dozed medicines such as capsules and pills. Doesn’t the vision seem to unrealistic and blurred? Now this is where chemical engineering comes into picture. Being a chemical engineer I wish to spend my time on research that would not only bring about advancement in the field of science but also in the life of common people.

I would like to grow my own chain of chemical manufacturing company that with its research and development will bring about changes in the lives of people in a positive manner. Along with that, I would also devote myself to research on the 14 grand challenges of engineering and help scientist around the world in finding a solution for the same. I would also open a chemical company that would hire freshmen and would open the broad spectrum of chemical engineering to them, helping them exploring the major in a better way.

Most interesting classes:

  1. MA 141
  2. CH 103
  3. CHE 205
  4. MA 241
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