Peter Vu's Homework

My name is Peter Vu. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University majoring in chemical engineering. I want to be a chemical engineer in order to engineer better medicines. I have always been interested in the way that the human body reacts to certain things and how medicines work. I have also always liked my chemistry classes and enjoyed working in labs. I first thought that biomedical engineering would offer me the opportunity to make medicines, but further research in both fields helped me decide that chemical engineering was the way for me to go.

Being a engineering student gets tiring after a while, so long breaks are always the highlight of my school year. My favorite break from school is summer break. I've always been a summer person and I like hot weather versus the cold. I'm able to go outside and play sports without feeling restricted by heavy clothes or the cold during the summer, plus I feel more comfortable out in the sun. I'm able to play sports, practice dancing, and exercise outside during the summer. I also get to hang out with my friends more often since I don't have to worry about school as much. Summer break is just more relaxing than the others, by far.


One of my favorite sports to play is basketball, so I'm always pumped up for when March Madness comes around. I like to watch other people play in order to learn more about the game. College games are always intense, especially since the top schools are playing at this time. I've never been right about my predictions for the NCAA, though, but it's still fun to do. A whole month dedicated to basketball is pretty awesome. Now if only NC State could have went all the way.

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How to make a BOSS sandwich

  1. Get bread, ham (or any meat you want) and cheese
  2. Toast the bread
  3. When the bread is toasted, place your ham and cheese inside of the bread
  4. Heat up the sandwich so that the cheese is melty and delicious
  5. Enjoy your BOSS sandwich!

My Classes for this Semester

Class Expected Grade
HI 351 B
ENG 101 B
CH 221 A
PY 205M A
E 115 S
CH 222 A
FLS 202 A