Hello. My name is Pratham Chhabria. This happens to be my resume.

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Educational Profile

As of this moment, I am working towards graduating from North Carolina State University with a double major in Industrial Engineering and History by May 2020.

Professional Aspirations

After recieving my undergraduate degrees, I intend to work as a consultant or as an operation analyst in order to improve efficiency in factory or corporate settings in the power industry. To further my capabilities to achieve this purpose, I intend to obtain a graduate degree in Industrial Engineering as well as later perhaps go on to acquire a Masters in Business Administration.

Pertinent Abilities

Significant Coursework

Class Course Title Semester
ISE 215 Product Specification Spring 2017
ISE 352 Work Analysis and Design Spring 2017
ISE 316 Manafacturing Engineering 1 - Processes Spring 2017
ISE 441 Introduction to Simulation Fall 2017
ECE 331 Principles of Electrical Engineering Spring 2018