My name is Peter Norwood. I am a freshman. My major is statistics. I study statistics because I like analyzing data. I thought about studying industrial engineering, but the careers for statistics majors are more interesting. I am also minoring in mathematics, and am interested in minoring in environmental science.

My favorite hobby is making sarcastic answers for homework assignments. While this has ended any chance of me a successful student because of my .46 gpa my first semester, it gives a good laugh each and every time. My professors have told me I have great potential, but it is just so funny to put sarcastic comments in web assign! I'm not sure if this is five sentences and I don't feel like counting so I'm going to end here.


My Resume

How I make my favorite Sandwich!

  1. I get the bread.
  2. I put the meat on.
  3. I put the mayo on.
  4. I put the cheese on.
  5. I eat it.

My Classes

Class Anticipated Grade
MA 242 A-
ENG 101 A
ST 101 A
USC 101 A
E 115 Pass