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My name is Pratyush Pavan Devarasetty. I am currently a Freshman at the North Carolina State University and am pursuing a degree in biomedical engineering. BME has always appealed to me because it is the perfect way for me to merge my skills in problem solving with my interest in medicine. Particularly, I am interested in regenerative medicine and the major advancements that this field is bringing to medicine. One recent advancement has been the ability to 3D print functioning body parts such as ears, skin, etc.

My favorite hobby is to read about the latest advancements in the technology world. From new computer inventions to the latest new automobiles, I am always eager to find out more and even think of ways to advance them even further. My browser consists of bookmarks to various websites such as popular science, CNET, Top Gear, Motor Trend, etc. On top of reading about these advancements, I like to do hands-on work on my own car as I customize it with various LED lights, chrome accents, etc. Similarly, I am always updating my smartphone with the latest softwares, backgrounds, and shortcuts.

youtube logo My Résumé
  1. Go to Brix Pizza
  2. Select thin crust
  3. Add Pesto sauce, marinara sauce, and Mozzarella
  4. Bake in brick oven
Course Name Expected Grade
Chem 101 A
PY 205 A
E115 S
Motor Trend