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My name is Payton Rousseau and I am a freshman. I hope to CODA into Mechanical Engineering. I chose mechanical engineering because I love physics. I particularly like the effects of physics that I can see, so not quantum mechanics in particular. I still find quantum mechanics interesting though. Mechanical engineering is a field of engineering that requires the use of classic, Newtonian physics.

My favorite hobby is playing volleyball. I played volleyball all throughout high school. My best friend, Anna, also played volleyball with me. I played both for my school team and club volleyball in the off season. My postion was libero. Many people do not know this postion, but I wear the off color jersey on the court and play defense. I like indoor volleyball, and rarely play sand volleyball.

Payton and Anna
  1. go to Dominos.com
  2. select what size of pizza to order
  3. select sauce and toppings
  4. pay for your order and enter address
  5. wait for pizza to arrive

class expected grade
PS335 A
ANT253 A-
MA141 B+

Payton and Anna