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My name is Paige Seidenberg and I am looking to become a Math Major at NCSU. I
am currently a Chemistry major but am looking to switch my major by the end of this
semester. I love all types of math. I find math to be fun and it is the subject that
I am best at and enjoy the most. I am looking to hopefully be a college professor one

My favorite hobby is dancing. I am part of a dance crew here at NC State called
Fusion Dance Crew. I love to dance and this group helps me improve my dance skills and
has fun doing it. We just went to a competition this weekend and placed 2nd which was
extremely exciting. I have been dancing since I was young so it has always been my favorite
thing to do.

Click the image below to go to my favorite website, google. It is helpful and useful.
Google Homepage

This is a link to my favorite paper that I have written.
It is about the book The Great Gatsby which is my favorite book I have read and I was really
excited to write this paper since I have a passion for the book.

  1. Put a thin layer of sauce on the dough.
  2. Put a ton of parmesan cheese all over the pizza
  3. Put sausage and tomatoes all over
  4. Make sure the crust has garlic butter and cheese on it.
  5. Bake it until the crust gets super crispy, but not burnt

Class Grade
ES100 A
CH201 B+
CSC112 A-