Welcome to Lowe's Food Shack the newest food joint at NC state university. The food shack offers a variety of dishes with freshly grown ingredients provided by the NC state agriculture department.At Lowe's food shack you're sure to experience a treat.
The Shack is the sit down restaurant everyone on campus was asking for, and guess what were open on weekends as well. So join us any day of the week, were open from 7 AM to 11:30 PM.

Our Meals are some of the best in the city, some of them are:

Lowe's food shack

What's the story behind the Shack?

Lowe's food shack is owned and founded by the once coach of the NC State Basket Ball coach Mr Sidney Lowe.
Its no secret that Lowe wasnt everyone's favorite coach, but he has more than made up for it by opening the fanciest joint on state.
Our restaurant has won "The Students choice on campus award" 3 times running, and we also placed joint 3rd in a poll conducted on facebook asking people about their favorite joints opened by people who previously had a connection with the NBA!!
We hope youre experience at the shack is one that you shall treasure.

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