Welcome to the Praveen's Website

My name is Praveen Srinivasamurthy. I am currently a freshmen at NCSU. I am majoring in biomedical engineering. I have always been intrigued by the human body and especially the various tissue that make up the human body. I want to become a biomedical engineer specifically for tissue engineering and hopefully for tissue engineering for the brain.

My favorite hobby is probably making and playing music. I have played percussion since middle school, so I have always had an interest in drums especially. However, in high school I started writing music with a few friends. Soon my friends and I started forming a band. Although this was never a serious band, it definitely was some of the most enjoyable experiences to play and write music with them.

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  1. Toast jalepeno cheese bread
  2. Add pepperjack cheese slice
  3. Add cut red and green peppers
  4. Add masala burger
Course Name Expected Grade
CH101 A-
MA242 A
E115 S
Drumset is my favorite instrument to play