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My name is Patrick Walsh. I am a Freshman. My major is aerospace engineering. I really like planes. Space is also super cool. That's why I made that decision.

This is the second paragraph. One of my hobbies is playing guitar. Playing my guitar is very fun and rewarding. I enjoy playing metal. I am currently saving money to buy an 8 string guitar. My riffs will be unbeleivable heavy.

amazon This is a solid site

This is a list of how to make a yummy sandwhich

  1. gather bread
  2. gather toaster
  3. insert bread into toaster and turn on toaster
  4. remove bread after several seconds
  5. repeat steps 3 and 4 with another slice of bread
  6. lather each bread in butter
  7. put slices together
  8. consume
class grade
Calc I A
Economic C
Chemistry B
This is related to paragraph 2