All About Me!



I am a junior from North Carolina State University, and I major in Business Administration. I will graduate in May 2019. The reason why I chose Business Administration as my major is because I'm interesting in working with my parents after I finish college. Business Adminstration is also the fundamentals of alot of other majors so it sets a good baseline for what I want to do in the future.

Job Experience

I have had experience in Marketing and Information Technology with the jobs offered on NC State Campus. I did Class Tech for a semester and that taught me very valuable skills about how to fix computer hardware. There was a bunch of Marketing opportunities for me during this previous summer and it helped me understand how social media works.

Interesting Classes I Have Taken

  1. FS 200
  2. FLJ 201
  3. ACC 200
  4. E 115
Club Link
Lambda Phi Epsilon Website
Vietnamese Student Association Website