Welcome to my website!

My name is Patrick Snook and I am a freshman at N.C State. I am interested in majoring in civil engineering. I want to do engineering because I want to utilize my math and science skills in a profession. I specifically want to do civil engineering because I want to be able to see the end result of a project that I have been working on. For example, if I work to design a bridge, I can see the end result of the bridge.

My favorite hobby is playing basketball. I really enjoy playing basketball because it is a mixture of an individual and team sport. The players on the team do not only have to be good, but they have to work together to win. I play basketball frequently at Carmichael gym. I get to play with my friends, and I also get to meet new people when playing.

Here is a link to my Resume.

How to make a cookie sandwich

  1. Get 2 cookies
  2. Get peanut butter
  3. Put peanut on one cookie
  4. Put cookies together
  5. Put in microwave for 17 seconds
Class Expected Grade
E115 S
PY205 B
MA241 B+