Welcome to my Webpage about Random Information

My name is Pieter Van Zyl. I am a freshman. I am a dual major in Paper Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering. I choose these two majors because I love chemistry and I think the process behind producing chemicals and paper is very interesting. I hope to graduate with these degrees in 2017. I really enjoy learning about chemical production as well as paper production and hope to get a good career.

My favorite animal is a bird, such as a parakeet. They are my favorite animal because they can do so many different things. The can repeat words, sit, on your shoulder, and fly around as they please. Birds can also stay in a cage inside the house. I used to have a parakeet named Lucky that stayed in my room.

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  1. pick up the phone
  2. call the nearest pizza delivering store
  3. make order for desired pizza
  4. wait for pizza with correct money due
  5. eat the pizza and share
Class Grade
Calculous 2 A-
Physics B
Chemistry 2 A-
parakeet saved to www