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My Intended Major and Intended College Career

My major is Paper Science engineering, and I attend North Carolina state university. I plan to graduate in either spring or fall of 2020. My graduation date depends on if I get a dual major with chemical engineering or not, with my graduation date being in fall 2020 if I choose this.

I choose to get into paper science engineering becuase of the job options available to students after graduation. Though that being said, the classes are rather interesting so far. I also was not sure what type of engineering I wanted to get into and I decided to give paper sciences a try. After graduation I intend to be a process engineer at a paper mill, hopefully within North Carolina.

PSE 201 MA 241 CH 201
Introduction to Pulp & Paper Technology & Engineering Calculus II General Chemistry: Quantitative Approach
Spring 2017 Spring 2017 Spring 2017