Welcome and stuff.

My name is Peter Lalush. I'm a freshman, hoping to major in Computer Science. I'd like to go into game design and work along with the College of Design to do cool creative things. I'd like to minor in theatre because I have a passion for the arts. I've written a screenplay and my dream is to direct and star in it.

Fall break was really cool. We went to New York. I saw three Broadway shows - Kinky Boots, Matilda, and First Date - and loved them all. The Museum of Modern Art was really fun as well. The bus rides left something to be desired though.

This Song Is Sick Indaba Music
  1. Look up the pizza place in the phone booth.
  2. Tell them exactly what toppings you would like.
  3. Give them the address.
  4. Have a tip ready.
Social Dance Calculus III Chemistry
Satisfactory A B
First Date: The Musical