Welcome to a First Year Engineering Student's Page.
My name is Purity Mbugua and am a future Civil engineering student.
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This page is part of an assignment among many that I will have throught the next several years. You will be able to track my progress in coding and such through various pages of my website. Its almost as a journal of my progress in this class.

I am a first year engineering student here at NCSU. My intended major is Civil engineering, and my anticipated graduation date is Summer of 2020. Between now and graduation I would like to gain relevant experience in my major.

I chose this major because I've always enjoyed STEM subjects and design of buildings, roads, and bridges. I want to work to restore urban infrastructure in this country as well as my motherland. The idea is to tackle the grand challenge: "Restore urban infrastructure".

Class Course Title Semester
Calculus MA 141 Fall 2016
Physics PY 205 Spring 2017
Chemistry CH 101 Fall 2016
Calculus II MA 241 Spring 2017
English ENG 101 Spring 2017