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My name is Qays El-Ali. I am a freshman at NC State University.
I am majoring in electrical engineering. I picked electrical engineering because I
am interested in energy. This is why I'm doing
engineering. I narrowed it down to electrical after researching the types of engineering.

My favorite summer vacation after freshamn year of highschool.
My family and I went to Oak Island, NC. We drove there in the course of a day.
Once we were there, we stayed in a house on
the beach for a week. It was the last vacation I ever took.
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  1. Call a pizza delivery place
  2. Tell them your address
  3. Tell them what you want on your pizza
  4. Wait until they arrive at your door
  5. Pay for the pizza and Tip the driver
  6. Enjoy your pizza
Course Name Expected Grade
MA 242 B
CHEM 101 B
ENG 101 A