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George Dai

Hello, welcome to my webpage!

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1.About myself

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Hi everyone, my name is George, 20 years old. I'm from China. I'm a first year engineering major student at NC State, I chose this major because I love engineering, and my parents are also doing engineering designing. I hope I can help them after graduation. On the other hand, I'm interested in electrical engineering because I hope that I can use my professional knowledge to provide more safer and stabel energy supply. I also feel very curious about electricity distributing over the world. I chose this major because I know that the world need more engineers, and this major will largely promote world development.

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I like playing basketball, and I've been playing basketball for 7 years. I was a member of high school basketball team.

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3.My Dream Job

My favorite job is a teacher. I like this job because I enjoy the sense of achievement. Whenever a teacher is teaching students, and students are being able to solve problems, that makes me feel good.

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Class Classmates' Names Classmates' Majors
CH-101 Ryan ECE
CH-102 Noah CS
MA-141 Cole BIO
FLE-101 Tariq ARE

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