Welcome come to Kevin's second webpage!

Homework Homework Homework 5a My name is Kevin, and I am a freshman (class of 2018). My intend major is chemical engineering and hopefully I could CODA into my department in December! The reason that I want to be a chemical engineer is because I love chemistry and I want to do something related to energy in the future as well as making money!!

My favorite hobby is playing basketball. Basketball is very big in China so everyone likes it. However, people in China do not know NCAA or college basketball in America so that there are lots of NBA fans including me before I came to America! Playing basketball is not only a good way to exercise, but also a good way to release the stress from work and school. ShoppingShopping!
  • 1. Go to Subway
  • 2. Select a type of bread
  • 3. Select the meats and toppings
  • 4. Select the dressings
  • 5. Place the order
  • Course Name Expected Grade
    E101 A
    MA242 A
    FLE101 A