Welcome to the world of Supreme

Hi, I am Quest Taylor, the ruler of the Supreme world. I am a freshman here at North Carolina State University. I intend to coda into mechanical engineering after this semester. I would like to do mechanical engineering because I want to work with cars in designing and creating parts as that is one of my biggest passions. I also feel as though mechanical engineering is very boundless and has a lot of opportunities to become extremely successful.

My favorite thing to do in my free time is to practice my photography. I specialize in automotive photography and I often have shoots setup two to three times a week. I attend a lot of car shows across the east coast and would like to go to places like texas and california for some of their bigger events this year. I often spend hours in post processing making the photo how I want it and making it so it properly represents me. I am pretty well known in the Raleigh area for automotive photography and hoping to expand that further across the nation this year.

Supreme New York
link to my resume

  1. Roll out dough
  2. Pour sauce over dough living a border around the edge that does not contain sauce
  3. Put lots of cheese on top of sauce
  4. Put sausage and pepperoni scattered all over pizza
  5. Place in oven
  6. Once pizza looks done take it out of the oven and let it cool
  7. Devour the pizza

Course Name Grade Expected
ENG 101 B
MA 341 B
SOC 202 A-
PY 205 A-

Steves E46