Greetings Earthlings

My name is Quang Tran but my friends just call me Tony. I am a freshman as of summer session II but I will be a sophomore at the beginning of Fall 2016 semester. Additionally I am currently majoring in computer science at NC State University. I chose computer science because of its ability to create basic code to very complex programs. For example, in the past, I had wrote programs that could calculate one's GPA as well as a program to input text and being able to manipulate that text in several different ways.

Lately my favorite hobby has to be the Pokemon Go app. Some factors that made this my favorite hobby includes its community, competitiveness, gameplay, which is the search to find and capture pokemon. I find it amazing that after the release of Pokemon go, so many people are outside walking around and meeting other fellow players. Another aspect of the game that I find enjoyable is the division in teams(valor, instinct, and mystic) which adds a level of competitiveness and comedy. To elaborate, the only method for battle is to capture/enhance gyms of enemy or ally gyms respectively which adds a level of seriousness and motivation to become stronger. As for the comical aspect of the game, many people have posted several images and comments about their respective teams while undermining the other teams throughout other forms of social media. Lastly the gameplay provides a level of stress-relief for me since I am taking summer classes.

I like cats and dogs, although I have never owned any cats or dogs. When I was younger, however, I was very afraid both cats and dogs of all sizes. Whenever I came home from school as a kid, there were always some dogs around the neighborhood. As a result, I would try to get home as fast as possible. Additionally when I volunteered to help at a pet store, I would be assigned to manage cat pens. While some cats were manageable, other cats were very aggressive to the point where I would come home with a few scratches. As I grew up I overcome my fear of dogs and cats and now really enjoy the company of dogs and cats. In the future I want to get a corgi or a husky.

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  1. Get Dough and make the base of the pizza.
  2. Add a normal amount marinara sauce to the pizza.
  3. Add a normal amount of cheese to the pizza.
  4. For Toppings, first add a layer of pepperonis.
  5. Next add a layer of pineapples.
  6. Lastly add a layer of sausages.

Antuwon Bulter Electrical Engineering
Devon Harris Mechanical Engineering
Omar Computer Science

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