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Paragraph One

Hello, my name is Q Peiffer. I am a student at NC State University, and I'm currently a First-Year Engineer. I intend to CODA into the Computer Sciences program here in order to study Game Development. I expect to graduate in May of 2020, but it can really be up to anytime in-between then. I may even join a co-op. I want as much work experience as possible.

Paragraph Two

I chose Game Development because its been a subject I've been interested in for a long time. I intend to break into the game dev industry as a content designer or in some technical position, such as an event programmer or engine designer. I haven't had enough technical experience in order to fulfill these positions, and I often find myself at a lack of motivation to pursue the fields myself, so college is great in that sense.

Professional and Personal Skills
Class Course Title Semester
E115 Introduction to Computing Environments Fall 2016
CSC116 Introduction to Java Fall 2016
CSC216 Programming Concepts: Java Spring 2017 / Fall 2017
CSC326 Software Engineering Spring 2019
CSC481 Game Development Fall 2019