FLC 301 2001 Fall Semester

Time: 1120-1210, MWF
Classroom: M,F: HA 221
                   M: Foreign Language Technic Center (2nd Flr of University Laundry Building)
Instructor: Hannah Sun Young
Office: Rm.123, 1911 Building
Telephone: 515 9290 (O) 848 7885 (H)
E-mail: qqsfll@unity.ncsu.edu
Office Hours: MWF. 12:25-1:15 PM. or by Appointment
Other Classes:



Grade Scale:


You are allowed 3 absences for anticipated absences and emergencies only. Additional absence will be accounted to your total grade. For every unexcused absence in excess of two, the semester grade will be reduced by 1 point. Absence from tests and quizzes will be excused only if you provide a good reason for your absence. If you know ahead of time that you will have to miss a test, it is to your advantage to notify your instructor and make appropriate alternative arrangements.

Date of Tests:

You should plan to attend Language lab. regularly (at least 30 minutes weekly) Classroom activities and tests are base on the assumption that you are getting the speaking and listening practice provided partly by the tapes that accompany each lesson in your text. Language Lab is located in HA 302

Academic Integrity:

Students and faculty will adhere to the essential values expressed in the Honor Pledge.


The Chinese class at NCSU emphasizes the four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Have a good Semester!