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My name is Quinn Weitkemper, I am a freshman with intent to go into Mechanical Engineering. I chose Mechanical Engineering because my favorite subjects are Math and Science, specifically Physics, and Mechanical Engineering is a lot of those two subjects. If I don't get into Mechanical Engineering, I have Aerospace Engineering and Civil Engineering as my backups if I don't get into Mechanical Engineering.

I currently work at Tuffy's in Talley Student Union. I make meals for hundreds of kids a night, especially on Tuesdays for some reason. This past Tuesday 11/14, we had over 900 Tapingo orders that day. And Tapingo doesn't include orders from the register, so we easily sold over 1,000 orders that day. But, it's a fun job regardless, and working with my superviser Candy is great.

Quinn's Email

Interesting Classes I've Taken

  1. Philosophy
  2. Core and Sustainable Construction
  3. Calculus 3
  4. Physics
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