Information about myself

Hello, my name is Qiufeng Yu, you can also call me Patrick since Qiufeng is hard to pronounce : ) I am a Junior Computer Science major student, and after this semester I am going to be a senior.
In terms of strengths and experiences, I have experience in Java, C, and a little bit of Scheme. I think I'm good at testing. I often sit in front of the computer a whole afternoon for testing my program, and I actually enjoyed it.
I haven't worked for any company or organization yet, all of the knowledges and experiences were from the class so far.

My favorite hero in DOTA 2

Contact Information

  • Email: qyu4@ncsu.edu
  • Phone: 919-641-9923

  • Schedule

    Below are all the courses that I registered for this semester. I don't currently have any internship or job now, so basically any time besides the class time are OK for me.