My Name is Ryan Basso. I am currently a first year Computer Engineering student.
I chose this major because I have always liked computers.
I also took several computer engineering and electronics classes in high school that I enjoyed.
I hope I can do well in this program.

Last Summer was probably my favorite break from school.
I was on a modified schedule in high school, so it was a longer break than I was used to.
I spent a lot of time with good friends from high school.
Everyone kind of does there own thing now though and they don't really talk to me anymore.
It was a good break, I wish I could go back to the end of high school and the summer right after.

According to my browser, I visit these websites the most:

Reddit Logo

Youtube Logo

    "How to Order Pizza"
  1. Get a comptuer
  2. Go to the comapny's website
  3. Place your order
  4. Be ready with money when the delivery comes
  5. My classes and the grades I will acheive in them:

    Class Grade
    E115 Satisfactory
    MA141 A
    EC201 A

    This is the game that my friends and I spent most of the summer playing:

    Starcraft Logo