Welcome to this Webpage.

My name is Roman Braga. I am a freshman that plans to major in Computer Science. This is a field I have chosen not because of the fact that I like video games and would like to make video games, but because it really fascinates me and I would like to pursue it further than just video games (although that is my intended concentration). I feel like I could use this major to make good in the world.

I have a few hobbies. My favourite one is probably writing novels/stories. I have always loved writing and really hope that one day I can do it professionally. Writing kinda follows me everywhere I go and into my other hobbies as well. I appreciate good story telling, so I love watching TV Shows and Movies as well as reading books (and yes, comics also count as books) and playing video games. There are many ways to tell a story and I want to find as many ways to tell stories as possible. I want to create a webseries, make a video game, direct something, write books, make more YouTube videos, etc. I want to create content to tell the many stories I have thought of in as many ways as possible. I think everything I ever do or plan for the future is always connected to this one dream of mine that is also my biggest hobby.

Where I spend most of my nights.

    How to make a Sandwich:

  1. Go to the store
  2. Buy bread, swiss cheese, ham, lettuce, and mayonnaise
  3. Take two slices of bread
  4. Put them side by side each other
  5. Take the ham and put it on the bread.
  6. Take the swiss cheese, put it on the ham
  7. Put in microwave. Heat the sandwich for as long as you feel necessary
  8. Take the sandwich out. It might be too hot.
  9. Put the lettuce and mayonnaise on the sammich
  10. Sammich is done
Class Expected Grade
Math 111 A
E101 B+
E115 Satisfactory
Chemistry 111 B
History 209 B
English 101 A