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My name is Austin Calton. I am a freshman at NC State. My major is currently engineering with a mechanical engineering intent. I was interested in mechanical engineering because I wanted to one day work in the automotive industry, but now I am thinking of changing my intent to industrial engineering.

My favorite hobby is playing sports with my friends for fun. My favorite sport to play is basketball. I love going to Carmichael gym to meet my friends and play pick-up basketball games as well as racquetball. I had never played racquetball before coming to NC State, but my friends and I love playing it. I also like playing fun outdoor games like Kan-Jam and spike ball.

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  1. Walk in to Chikfila
  2. Order a spicy chicken sandwich with no pickle
  3. Grab a Chikfila sauce
  4. Pour the sauce on the sandwich

Course Name Expected Grade
E115 A
EC 205 A-
HESF 100 A
MA 241 B
PY 205/206 B+

Beach Basketball Court