This page is full of interesting things about me

My name is Ronald Casavant. I am a freshman interested in majoring in civil engineering. I first wanted to be an engineering because of both of my parents being engineers. My mom is a chemical engineer and my dad was a computer science major. I decided on engineering because of this, but I chose civil because I like dealing with infrastructure and find it interesting.

My favorite hobby since I have been at NC State is playing volleyball. I play about 4 times a week with a group of people. The people in the group are named Chanse, Chris, George, and Colten. We mainly play at Tucker beach, but sometimes we play indoor. I have enjoyed playing volleyball a lot and plan on playing sports a lot to stay active.

Google Resume
  1. Roll out the dough
  2. Spread the tomato sauce
  3. add cheese and other toppings
  4. bake the pizza in the oven
Class Expected Grade
Chemistry B
Calculus 3 B
English 101 B