Welcome to my Page!

My name is Ralph Church, and I am an undergraduate studying computer engineering. I am currently a junior and I am graduating spring 2019... I can't wait!! I chose my major because I love software and how it works together with the hardware.

I am not employed right now, just going to school full time. However, I did have an internship over the summer and I got to work alongside professionals. More specifically, I was in the automation department at a power protection company. My dream job is to work at Google as a software engineer, and I am going to do all I can to try to get a job there.

  1. ECE 310
  2. ST 371
  3. ECE 209
  4. ECE 220
  5. E 115

  6. Aerial Robotics Club Aerial Robotics Club
    Competitive Robotics Club Competitive Robotics Club