Welcome to Rogelio Cordovez's Homework 5a

Hello my name is Rogelio Cordovez. I'm a freshman Mechanical Engineering major intent studying at North Carolina State University. I chose this major because it seems like the engineering that best suites my interests. I also chose Mechanical Engineering because of its ability to work in multiple work environments and industries. I'm also considering Aerospace Engineering because of its similar characteristics.

My hobbies include skating, snowboarding, rowing, photography, sailing, and many other sports. However, my favorite hobby of all is by far soccer. I love sports, but soccer has been a passion of mine since the age of three. For me there's nothing like feeling the grass or turf under your cleats when you're walking out onto the field. One of the greatest feeling I can imagine is scoring a goal and almost nothing can compare to it.


favorite sandwich

  1. put bread on plate
  2. add ham
  3. add 2 fried egg
  4. add some bacon
  5. add cheese
  6. add salt and pepper
  7. place bread on the top
Classes Expected Grade
Calculus 141 A-
Chemistry 101 B
English 101 A