Welcome to my E115 based webpage

Again, Welcome, I am Ryan Adams a Freshman in Biomedical Engineering. I enrolled in Biomedical Engineering becuase of my enjoyment in both sports and engineering. I plan to be able to work cohesively in both fields of study. Wheter I work more with athletic problems or medical problems is still unsure, but hopefully I will make a choice in the future. I envision myself working with rehabilitation equipment and/ or wearable technology. I also choice Engineering for the wide range of oppurtunities that come with it.

I would say that my favorite hobby is running, specifically track and field. I enjoy competition and fun associacted with running; even though it may hurt sometimes. I feel like it is worth it in the long run when you are healthy and able to compete at your highest level. Running is also a great fellowship oppurtunity. I have met some of my greatest friends from running.

Inspiration: Track


  1. Go to Domino's website and Select "Place an Order"
  2. Select the Crust
  3. Select the Toppings (always pepperoni)
  4. Finish the order and pay
  5. You Have Pizza!!! I love Pizza!!!

Class Expected Grade
CH 101 A
E115 S
MA 242 A