My name is Robert Anthony Fergione Jr and I am currently an undeclared major. It is my first year at NC state and during my next year I plan on switching into Engineering. I started off with no major this way I could make a good choice about what major to pick after taking some classes. After doing some discovering I feel Engineering would be best suited to me because I am a numbers person. Not only am I a numbers person but I am a very detailed person which is a trait of engineers. Overall I feel like I am making the right choice in choosing my major.

I think one of the better ways NC state could make its halloween street but then franklin streets is to have more stuff to do. NC state just has very little to do and after spending an hour there you already get bored. On top of more stuff to do they need to make it look like halloween. Franklin street looks like it fits the seasons where as hillsborough just looks boring and like the same old street. Or if all else fails just hope Franklin street gets too many people to hold and they get sick of it and come back to NC state.
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