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A picture of Rachel

Hi! I'm Rachel and I'm currently a freshman at NC State University. Although I am currently in Engineering Undecided, I plan to major in Computer Engineering and minor in Political Science. I have always loved computers, particularly the hardware, so I think that computer engineering would be a great fit for me. As for political science, I love talking about politics and current events.

Although I do not currently have a job right now, I hope some day to become a patent lawyer. In order to do this, I would need to go to law school after I finish my undergrad in engineering. I would love to work at a technology company as one of their patent lawyers, helping to protect their innovations. With a degree in both engineering and political science, I think that will be helpful to me both in law school and in the job force as a patent lawyer.

Classes I Have Taken:

  1. Calculus II
  2. Social Deviance
  3. English 101
  4. Chemistry 101
  5. Physics 205

Name of the Club Link to the Website
Club Gymnastics https://clubs.ncsu.edu/gymnastics/
Engineers Without Borders http://www.ewbncsu.org/