Welcome to another webpage of mine created for Homework 5a in E115!!!!

Hello, my name is Ryan Hardison and I am a freshman at NC State. I am planning on majoring in Chemical Engineering with a probable Biomolecular concentration. I chose to do ChemE for two reasons. The first reason is because I understand chemistry very well and find it fascinating. The second reason is because I have always enjoyed building/designing things. So I figured I would combine the two together and voila; Chemical Engineering was the result. Plus, the salary for Chemical Engineers is quite nice too.

My favorite hobby is playing music. Since 6th grade I have played clarinet and have demonstrated excellence on many occasions. I enjoy performing with bands rather than by myself. I was selected for the North Carolina All State Band three out of four years in highschool. Each time the music we made left me in chills at the end of each piece. That is why I still play in band and will always try to be a part of a band after college.

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  1. Look for the closest Jimmy Johns online and call their number
  2. Order only the JJ Gargantuan and ask for it to be delivered
  3. Tell the person taking your order what your address is
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Course Expected Grade
Chemistry 101 98
Calculus III 95
English 101 95
Chemistry 102 99