Welcome to my webpage!

Hello! My name is Ryan Hardy. I am a freshman at NC State currently pursuing a degree in either computer or chemical engineering. I have always been interested in computers and learning how they work, which is why Computer Engineering is my first choice. However, in highschool I discovered my love for chemistry which really made me think about some of my choices regarding my major.

Before starting school here at NC State, I worked in a grocery store called Carlie C's. It was a good job, and I learned a lot while I was there. I really feel as though I developed personal skills while working there. I enjoyed my time there, and I am glad I was able to meet so many wonderful people while working there.

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My Favorite Classes

  1. MA 141 - Calculus
  2. ECE 109 - Intro to Computer Systems
  3. E 101 - Intro to Engineering and Problem Solving
  4. ARE 201 - Intro to Agriculture and Resource Economics

  5. Club Website
    Underwater Robotics Underwater Robotic's Webstie
    E Council E Council Website