Welcome to My Homework6 =)

Info about Me:

My Name is Ranin Kanbeja, and I want to major in Material Science Engineering. I chose this major as a bridge for my master degree program.
In my Master and PhD, I want to specialize in Nanotechnology and would like to help in developing drug delivery methods.

My Favorite Hobby:

I don't stay with a favorite hobby for a long time. This mean I change what I love doing regularly. For example, My favorit hobby in 2013 was working out in the jym.
In 2014, I it was writing resarch paper. Now in 2015, my favorit bobby is repairing broken computers' parts.



Steps to Order a Pizza from Dominos' Pizza

  1. Go to this website: Click Here
  2. Choose a coupon from the left list if you wish, or click on "Order Online" form the main menu.
  3. Choose whether you want it to be deleveried to you or you want to go pick it from the store.
  4. Make your own pizza by clicking on "Build Your Own Pizza" or choose any of the pizzas from the "Speciality Pizza".
  5. Choose how you want to pay for your order (online or cash).

Classes and expected Grades:
Course Name Expected Grade
MA 111 B
CH 111 C+
HESF 279 S

Pic about My Favorite Hobby