Welcome to my About Me Page!

A picture Rana took

Hello! My name is Rana Alqasem, and I am a current sophtmore at NC State University. I am currently, studying Agriculture Business Management, but I am thinking about transferring to Computer Engineering. I orignally choose Agruculture Business Management because of my interest in Business. I am still interested in Business and Agricultre, but at the same time the more I am learning about it the more that I am wondering if it is the best choice for me.

My current dream job would be a job that pushes me outside my comfort zone. At the same time I do not want a job that is full of risk especially in the beginning of my carreer. Finally I want a job that deals with my decided major, while also somewhat related to something else that I am interested in. Meaning I want a job that will teach me a great deal of things and not limit me in any way shape or form.

Interesting Classes

  1. Com 110
  2. Ch 101
  3. EC 201
  4. Hi 215

Interesting Clubs

Name link
Art2wear at NC State. Website
Pack Abroad Ambassadors Website