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Me and my sister

Paragraph 1:

I actually have two intended majors and a minor. While that may sound like a lot it should only take me four years. I plan to major in electrical and computer engineering which are very similar majors, you only need to pick up 4 credit hours to get both degrees. I also plan on minoring in statistics which only requires three extra courses.

Paragraph 2:

I chose electrical and computer engineering first because I have an interest in those fields (obviously), and secondly for their versatility as degrees. In electrical engineering you get experience which can be used in a wide variety of areas allowing you to pursue a career in just about any electronics field. Computer engineering is more narrow, but there are some software aspects that you learn about which opens up a whole new area. Minoring in statistics gives me a further option of taking a masters in Statistics if electrical and computer engineering jobs aren't appealing or available.

Special skills needed for my degree:

Class Course Title Semester
MA 141 Calculus I Fall (2016)
ECE 109 Intro to Electrical and Computer Engineering Spring (2017)
MA 242 Calculus II Spring (2017)
PY 205 Physics I Spring (2017)
PY 206 Physics Lab Spring (2017)