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Hello, my name is Raven McLaurin! I am a first-year engineering student at North Carolina State University. I plan to purse a degree in Environmental Engineering because I am interested in jobs that relate to public health. The best way to make a large impact on public health is to help alleviate some of the issues causing individuals to become I'll at their source. I would like to help reduce the size of the footprint the human race is leaving behind and provide peace of mind to those who worry about the quality of their air, water, food etc. That being said I am still contemplating pursing a degree in mechanical engineering that could open up similar opportunities for me in the future.

My dream job would allow me to travel to locations where the quality of life is hindered by environmental issues. There I would establish systems that would work alongside of the people to benefit them and the natural environment. I would not only work to help the people of the area but also help create safe habitats for the areas wildlife. While traveling, I would like to conduct research and eventually open my own company regulated by the government to help end the water crisis in California. My company would run entirely on clean energy and would be able to provide clean in energy for the factories and household surrounding it.

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My Classes:

  1. Calculus I
  2. Calculus II
  3. Chemistry 101
  4. Chemistry 102

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