About Robert Merholz

My name is Robert Merholz and I am currently interested in going into the electrical engineering or computer science. I have always been interested in math and science and though that this would be the best route for my future. My dad is also an electrical engineer and that had some influence on my decision in that major choice. New technology has always interested me and how everything works has interested me throughout my teenage age. I have taken classes in high school that were strictly engineering based and I really liked those classes.

My favorite hobby would have to be playing soccer. Soccer has always been my favorite sport and I enjoy playing it anytime that I can. Most of my friends also play soccer and we like to join the same team and compete against other people. Soccer is fun to me because it always competitive and it is a sport that requires teamwork to succeed in. I can spend close to two hours just going to the field and practicing new skills and striving to do better. High school soccer was the best soccer team that I was a part of because I improved so much and it was fun to play at high level.

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Big Sandwich
  1. Get big pieces of bread
  2. Put a lot of meat on it
  3. Put a lot of cheese on it
  4. Put some lettuce on it
  5. Eat it
Class Grade
CH 101 C
Basketball S
E101 A