Welcome to my page! I hope all of the instructions are followed correctly and I earn full credit for my work!

Hello, my name is Ryan Miller and I am a first semester freshman at NC State University. I am enrolled in the engineering program, but am currently decided on which major I would like to pursue. I am officially listed as a "First Year" engineer, but the two majors I am considering are industrial and electrical engineering. I enjoy working with circuits and things of that nature, so electrical engineering would be very appropriate for me. Although I enjoy working on circuits, I may decide to pursue industrial engineering instead in order to be able to optimize business processes and help them become more efficient.

My favorite hobby when I'm not in class is golf. I played on my high school team for five years, and I even have a course record at our home course with a score of 62. Most of the friends I have made have come through my experiences on the golf course, and still try to play whenever I get the opportunity. My high school team got third place in the state tournament my senior year, and four of the players on our team went to go on and play golf for a division I school. We all still keep in touch to this day, and I have four lifelong friends thanks to the opportunities provided through golf.

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Here is a link to my résumé!

    How to order the best pizza ever:
  1. Thick pizza dough
  2. Original pizza sauce
  3. Mozzarella cheese
  4. Pepperoni
  5. Jalapeños
  6. Pineapple
Class Expected Grade
MA 241 A
CH 101 A+
E 101 A+
ENG 101 A-
E 115 S
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