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My name is Ryen Parno. I am a freshman in first year engineering. My intended engineering major is Industrial Engineering. I really enjoy staying organized and doing things as efficiently as possible which is a big part of being an Industrial Engineer. I went to an engineering camp this summer where an Industrial Engineering spoke about the kind of work they were doing in hospitals. By looking at how long it was taking patients to been seen by the doctors, they were trying to cut that time by making it more efficient. I think I would really enjoy doing something like that if I major in Industrial Engineering.

My hobbies involve anything where I can be active outside but specifically I enjoy camping. My family goes camping a lot and while camping we swim, hike, eat s'mores, and enjoy nature. We go camping at least three times a summer which gives us a good break from the city. I really enjoying camping by lakes because after a hot hike you can just jump into the refreshing water. At one of the places we camp there is a rope swing where you can jump into the water. That is a lot of fun and we always spend a lot of time in the water when we camp at that particular spot.

uh oh it didn't work This is my Resume
  1. You first need 2 pieces of whole wheat bread
  2. You spread a thin layer of almond butter on each piece of bread
  3. On top of the almond butter you drizzle honey on each piece of bread
  4. Put the sandwich in a container that you won't mind if it gets sticky because the honey sometimes leaks out of the edges or through the bread depending on how much you applied
uh oh it didn't work
class expected grade
Calculus 2 A-
E115 Satisfactory
ENG 101 A-