Welcome to Rukmini Arcot's Resume

Jessica and I

My Academics

I am currently a freshman intending to pursue a degree in Paper Science Engineering and Chemical Engineering. I go to North Carolina State University. My graduation date will be May of 2021. The reason for this delay is caused by my dual degree program. This program takes anywhere from 4.5 to 5 years to complete.

Why I Choose My Major

The reason I to pursue a dual degree is actually quite an interesting story. I orginally wanted to do only chemical engineering, but one day my dad recieved, at his office address, a letter saying that I should be thinking about pursuing a dual degree. With enough cajoling and a visit to NC State, I decided that this would be the correct program for me. With this degree I hope that I can have a career working as a supplier to mill, not necessarily working within a paper mill.

Class Course Title Semester
PSE 295 Introduction to Paper Science Fall 2016
PSE 212 Paper Properties Spring 2018
CHE 225 Chemical Process Systems Fall 2018
CHE 311 Transport Processes I Spring 2019
PSE 472 Paper Process Analysis Fall 2021