Welcome and hello!

Hello I am Riley Reid, a freshman at NC State. I am in the first year engineering college, hoping to major in Chemical Engineering. I have been interested in chemistry ever since I took my first chemistry course in high school. I had the opportunity to research in chemistry at UNC and realized I was more interested in the engineering aspect of chemistry than the academic side. So, I intend to pursue and chemical engineering and see where it takes me!

One of my hobbies is triathlon. I recently joined the NC State triathlon club team and have been training and competing with them. I had previous experience in swimming and running, but not biking. Finally, I was able to get a used road bike off craigslist and race on it. I finished my first international distance triathlon last weekend!

popcorn Here is my resume
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Class Expected Grade
Eng 101 A
EC 205 A-
PY 205 A-