Welcome to My Homework

My name is Rebecca Slotkowski. I am a first year student at NC State University. I am planning to major in chemical engineering. I chose chemical engineering because I have always loved a challenge and figuring out how something could be made better, hence the engineering. I also discovered that I am passionate about chemistry when I did a basic level water quality project in the seventh grade. Therefore, I thought chemical engineering would be the perfect major for me.

My favorite break from school is winter break. I enjoy being at home with my family for the Christmas season. Every year we continue fun traditions like baking cookies, making gingerbread houses, and decorating the house. For me, the time period from Thanksgiving through Christmas creates a sense of peace, happiness, family, and great food. In addition, I really like to see the people I love get excited when I come up with a particularly good gift for them for Christmas.


How to Make a Pizza

  1. Gather pizza dough, tomato sauce, and toppings
  2. Roll out dough on pizza sheet
  3. Spread tomato sauce evenly over the dough
  4. Place toppings on top of sauce-covered dough
  5. Bake

Class Expected Grade
E115 P
MA242 A
PY208 A

Christmas Cookies