Welcome to my website about my life

My name is Ryan Sprangel and I am a freshman in first year engineering at NC State University. I intend to CODA into Aerospace Engineering. I want to go into Aerospace Engineering because I have always had a interest in planes and helicoptors. Also, I want to work for a defense contrattor someday. I could use my education to protect the troops and/or citizens of America.

My favorite hobby is playing super smash bros with my friends. I prefer to play brawl over melee but I enjoy both. I play as pikachu in brawl. In melee I like to play as Captin Falcon or Dr. Mario. In an upcoming 2v2 tournament my partner is Drew Bunting.

Youtube Resume

  1. Grab pizza from freezer
  2. Remove plastic from the pizza
  3. Set oven to 425 degrees and put pizza into oven
  4. Remove pizza from oven in 25 minutes
Class Grade
Chem 101 B
MA 241 A
ES 100 A

Super Smash Bros