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My name is Rasha Abdul Wahab and I am a freshman in the bachelors of computer engineering program.To me writing programs in C++ was like writing a code in a secret language. It was magical with the exact amount of logic! It was magical because you could create a program to perform a complex with just a few lines of code. The basis of this so called magic was the logic used to create the program. What interested me the most about programming was that it was not something that could be memorized. No amount of routine learning would make you a better programmer. However, analytical thinking and logical skills would set you apart. Hence, I have decided to major in Computer Engineering as I feel that this would be the perfect platform for me to combine my interests with a future career.

My favorite hobby is swimming, I enjoy swimming since it is a refreshing and streneous sport. I have enjoyed swimming since i was 12 years old. I indulged in competitive swimming during high school. I am proficient in free style, breast stroke and butterfly stroke. I thoroughly enjoy it. swimming makes my life beautiful

My sisters university

Make a chicken teriyaki sub

  1. Take brown bread
  2. add cheddar cheese
  3. put in chicken teriyaki
  4. toast
  5. add ranch and bbq sauce with jalepenos
Classes Expected grade
CH 101 A
CH 102 A+
E101 B
Float away