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Robert McCurry

Welcome to my Webpage this is an outline of my life and the things I am interested in. ncsu seal realtree Click here to send me e-mail! Head over to my second webpage now!
  1. List of favorite movies
  2. The Rookie
  3. Gangster Squad
  4. Young Guns
fivestand clays shotgunshell
A complex shooting sport that allows the shooter to bust clays from a standing tower. The nessecary equipment needed to participate in clay sport shooting. The ammunition used in shooting shotgun sports.
	All of these things are important concepts in my life. I enjoy the outdoors and being able to 

shoot competitively with other individuals. It is a demanding sport and requires a lot of skill to do. This is a very interesting 

sport to enter if you enjoy shooting.
ducks and guns shell wolf cabelaslogo gandermtnlogo
	Over the past few years of my life I have become very inerested in shooting sports. Growing up in a rural

area it is one of my favorite pass times.

Being able to be outside and enjoy the outdoors with my family is one of the greatest experiences I could ask for.

It gives us all something to look forward and to have that quality time with loved ones.
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